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Customer Comments: Visit was good, all of my questions were answered.


Customer Comments: Great experience, everyone was wonderful.


Customer Comments: It was great. Everything was great.


Customer Comments: It was amazing experience, Eric was helpful.


Customer Comments: It was good, workers were very friendly and helpful.


Customer Comments: All went beautiful and wonderful in store and at home! Thank you!


Customer Comments: Very nice staff, gave many pointers, I felt very educated when I left.


Customer Comments: Store was clean and Kat was very helpful!


Customer Comments: I will be back to get another puppy very soon!


Customer Comments: It was good, everyone was very helpful.


Customer Comments: It was really good, I am enjoying my new puppy.

Nora C

Customer Comments: Great customer service, I highly recommend! My family and I went to look around (July 2016) and fell in love with a toy poodle. I was really never a dog person but now I wouldn't trade my Sophie for anything. Thanks Petland!

Paige K

Customer Comments: I bought my dog here, and it was a wonderful experience. When they gave me Brodie for the first time, it was love at first sight I knew I couldn't be without him. I will be back soon to get Brodie a new brother!

Mary S

Customer Comments: I went in to get dog food and vitamins and the staff was all very nice and helpful! Such a clean store with amazing staff! And the puppy kisses are the best!

Shelby H

Customer Comments: The staff at Petland are so nice. We have gone and played with their adorable puppies lots of times and we have almost left with one every time! We love Petland!

Katrina M

Customer Comments: Was able to find a puppy that fit perfectly in our little family that was affordable and a breed that I've always wanted. The workers were very helpful in finding our needs and remember us every time we go back to get supplies

Sandra H

Customer Comments: We recently came in and had exceptional service as we were looking for the perfect treats for our yorkie! The associate showed us the treats that were perfect for her size and would help her with her coat! She has loved the treats so far and we will definitely be back!!!!!

Kacey J

Customer Comments: Truly increddable! First time in and staff was so friendly and helpful! Came to pick some stuff up for the new pup and came out a happy camper!(: thanks again for the awesome service! Kacey and Oakley

Dezarae B

Customer Comments: Petland is Awesome we love to play with the pets we want to take them all home ! I come every Thursday and I bring my little girl after swim class she loves the dogs and the rats! And the benefits when u buy a pet is great !! U can't get it anywhere else! Plus it's worth it!

Erin R

Customer Comments: In my opinion, this is the best Petland in the metroplex. We've been going in for years to play with puppies. About two years ago we finally met a little Cavalier King Charles spaniel we couldn't say no to. We took that sweet puppy home, named her Ginger and haven't had one regret about our decision since.

Ashlie T

Customer Comments: I had a great experience at pet land. I recently got a hamster on a whim, and I was easily able to get everything I needed and more! The staff was more than happy to answer all my little questions I had even if it was a simple question. I will defiantly be coming back to get more and more for my little guy.

Hailey S

Customer Comments: A little less than a year ago, I walked into Petland Dallas knowing that I was looking for a puppy for me and my boyfriend. I played with a few of the puppies and then a staff member told me that there was a female lab puppy in the back, but she was getting a little older than most of the puppies they had. The staff member set me up in the back room and brought the puppy out to play with me. My heart melted. I knew she was the perfect puppy when I saw her happy care-free personality. The staff was so patient with letting me take my time with the decision. They sat me down and went over all the paper work and information about her shots, feeding, etc. They helped me pick out the best toys and food for her breed. I was so comfortable and happy with my experience. We named her Khai and she's 1 now and happy and healthy and amazing! I am beyond grateful for Petland for bringing my forever friend into my life!!!

Shelby K

Customer Comments: I got my baby Lola in February from Melissa who was WONDERFUL. She was so patient with us when we wanted to meet so many puppies for our home. Tonight Lola ran around the store like a madman but everyone loves the puppies and you can tell from the way they make you clean your hands and clean the room. I just love this location and all the people! You guys are AWESOME!

Adilene M

Customer Comments: After checking at three different pet stored for a Kong bacon cheese spray we decided to give Petland our last try. Success! We managed to get my little Marley his favorite cheese spray and realized that Petland is the place to get everything we need for him. Always so clean and stocked. Staff always so friendly and not to mention the cute puppies! Best place to shop for all my Marleys treats and pet needs!

Olivia S

Customer Comments: I've been going to PetLand since I was a younger and have recently decided it was time to get a puppy! I visited multiple times to find the right pup for me and each time the employees we're very patient and informative - they were always super positive and very insightful no matter how much time I needed or how many times I wanted to see a different breed of puppy. They were able to answer any questions I had and provide input from their own personal experience - would highly recommend this pet store to anyone! Not to mention, they have high quality treats and food my pets go crazy over.

Aileen M

Customer Comments: Went in for my very first time last Monday and I loved it! I was noticed by every single employee I saw and they all asked if I was being helped.Made my experience awesome! I took a look at the puppies and the staff was very educated on the financial party involving purchasing a pet from them.Let me say,I have never seen such an awesome package deal or so much reassurance from a pet store before. They have a large variety of food,treats,and pet supplies that you definitely look for in a store. I am a happy returning customer!


Customer Comments: It went really well, workers were very informative and helpful. We didnt plan on buying a puppy but they were so helpful we left with one


Customer Comments: Great, everyone was amazing!


Customer Comments: It went great, I am very excited to have a new puppy at home.


Customer Comments: It was good! I had a really fun time at this store. The employees were nice and informative :)


Customer Comments: My store experience was awesome at Petland! Everything went nice and smooth.


Customer Comments: It was good! Everyone at the store did a great job helping me out. I would definitely come back again :)


Customer Comments: It was pretty good. The customer service at this store was really awesome!


Customer Comments: I had a great expierence, I am very happy with my puppy.


Customer Comments: I had an awesome experience, staff was friendly.


Customer Comments: It was a great time, they were able to answer all of my questions. They really went above and beyond for me!


Customer Comments: Store experience was good! All of my questions were answered. Melissa was a big help as well.


Customer Comments: Store experience was good! All of my questions were answered. Everyone was very knowledgeable and informative.


Customer Comments: Had a really good time there. They were able to answer all of our questions. The staff was amazing and we had no complaints!


Customer Comments: It was great time. I go in there all the time, we always have a good time there. The staff is always amazing and the store is always clean and neat.


Customer Comments: We had a great time in there, Brandon was amazing as always! I have been in there several times and the store is always neat and clean and a fun place to be.


Customer Comments: The staff is absolutely amazing! We really loved everything about the store experience!


Customer Comments: It was a great time, the staff was was absolutely amazing! We could talk all day about how great the store was! We had an excellent experience!


Customer Comments: Everything at this store was amazing! Customer service was outstanding. 10/10


Customer Comments: Had a great time, Zack was amazing! I love going there, the staff is always so sweet and the store is always clean!


Customer Comments: Had a great time there! The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, the store was very clean and we love our new puppy!


Customer Comments: Good store experience. Customer's questions were answered and the pet counselor was nice and knowledgeable.


Customer Comments: Store experience was great! Very caring and knowledgeable people.


Customer Comments: Had a great time! They were very helpful and were able to answer all of my questions!


Customer Comments: It was great! They were awesome in the store and super helpful.


Customer Comments: It was great, very knowledgeable, they were very friendly.I loved that my daughters finally put down thir phones! I am very happy with my experience!


Customer Comments: Store visit was amazing. Everyone was so helpful and informative. Brandon was great as well.


Customer Comments: Store experience was great! Everyone was so helpful. Michelle was amazing as well. She was so informative and knowledgeable.


Customer Comments: It was very good. Brandon did an outstanding job helping us out in the store!


Customer Comments: It was awesome! The girl who helped us out did an outstanding job, she really knew her stuff. I would come back again for sure!

Mark and Debbie

Customer Comments: Had a wonderful time, I definitely refer people to here and to Eric. Eric was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and you could tell he loved his job. I am very happy!


Customer Comments: The puppy is doing good! Active, healthy and happy! Awesome store experience. The staff made the experience great with their customer service!


Customer Comments: Absolutely great! Brandon was perfect and knowledgeable, friendly. He made the visit great. I love my new puppy.


Customer Comments: They had an amazing time! The staff was very knowledgeable and we couldn't ask for better service! We love our new baby girl!

Stephanie and Scott

Customer Comments: Store visit was good. Martha was amazing! She was very informative and knowledgeable. She was polite and patient as well. The overall store experience was great. No complaints.

Von and Tonya

Customer Comments: Awesome experience! Shakia was very nice, was able to answer all of my questions and concerns. The puppy is doing good, very happy and healthy.


Customer Comments: The puppy is doing good! Picked up training rather quickly. Martha was very informative, knowledgeable and thorough. She really took her time helping us out


Customer Comments: Experience was great. All of my questions were answered. Eric and Kathryn were really good and nice they knew their stuff!


Customer Comments: It was excellent. They were super friendly and helpful!


Customer Comments: Puppy is doing great! And store experience was awesome.

Rodney and Amy

Customer Comments: Puppy is doing great! It was a good experience, everyone was nice and informative and really helpful. Shakia did a great job helping me out.


Customer Comments: Store visit was good. Had help from multiple people. Everyone was so helpful and nice. Also they were very knowledgeable and informative. I enjoyed every bit of it!


Customer Comments: Brandon was amazing, his customer service was excellent and he went above and beyond for me!


Customer Comments: Puppy is doing good, puppy is happy and they are happy. Everything was great at the store yesterday. Employees were doing a great job of providing customer service!


Customer Comments: The puppy is doing great! It was a good experience. Brandon was very helpful and knowledgeable with helping them out.


Customer Comments: He is a really good dog, I am in love with him. The store let me bring my boxer in so that it could interact with the puppies to see which one was the one. We looked through several dogs and took our time.


Customer Comments: Store experience was amazing! The puppy was purchased for my son and it was his first puppy. Sean was very helpful and patient with him. He had a lot of questions and Sean was happy to answer. I couldn't have asked for a better store experience.


Customer Comments: visit went well! Kim was very good! she answered all of my questions. she was also very knowledgeable about the puppy and also the products and supplies.


Customer Comments: Sean did great, was very helpful and explained everything in detail. No questions or concerns.


Customer Comments: Shakia was wonderful, very helpful and knowledgeable. She answered all of my questions accordingy.


Customer Comments: Annaliese was awesome! She answered all of my questions. She was on top of everthing. I had a great experience.


Customer Comments: We really enjoyed it, Shelby was great, thorough and knowledgeable. We had to travel a bit to go here but it was worth it.


Customer Comments: My experience at Petland went very well and the staff inside the store was very good with helping us out with any questions!


Customer Comments: WE LOVED PETLAND, the service was very great!


Customer Comments: Puppy is doing great, store experience was great.

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